Setting a default font in InDesign

Do you find yourself having to constantly changing the font choice in InDesign? why does it keep on resetting itself to the same unwanted font? if those are questions you have asked yourself (yes, we all do talk to ourselves, it’s not just you) then you probably will need to change your default font. Luckily […]

A thick outer line

In this tutorial we will look at how to give an illustration a thick outer line as seen above, a technique technical illustrators have used for many years. First we can see that the original illustration, shown below, is made out of multiple shapes for all the different colours and objects.   All the parts of the dinosaur were selected using […]

Pen Tool Reference

Illustrator Pen Tool Chart I’d like to share this new and updated copy of the Illustrator Pen Tool chart used in my Va-Va-Vectors presentation. It’s a handy little learning resource to get you started. Click on the graphic above for a full-size version that you can keep on your desktop/device or print a copy out (if you don’t […]