Designer’s Fiesta 4 makes it’s way into course content this Summer

Things are hotting up in preparation for the Designer’s Fiesta 4 – and some of the promotional material is being published now. As we move towards our new integrated curriculum we are involving real-world examples in our training classes, and this week saw our HTML Email class recreating one of the email drafts that will be used […]

Vector masks

In this post we are going to take a look at creating a vector mask. Masks allow you to hide and show parts of an image on a layer. Vector masks are created using a vector shape – a mathematically defines path to control which areas are visible or hidden. Because vectors are used, the mask can […]

Touch Type Tool

The Touch Type Tool is a new type tool in Adobe Illustrator CC. This tool allows you to move, scale, rotate and overlap individual characters in a word, while still keeping the word editable too. The Touch Type Tool gets its name because it supports multi-touch devices, so you can manipulate the characters using a stylus or […]