Can silence be a trigger in a presentation?

Silence can often be uncomfortable. It can suggest that a conversation got to a difficult point or that there is not much left to be said. Adding these to the formalities of a training session, silent pauses might sometimes get in the way of a successful presentation. That, of course, if not used as an […]

5 qualities every trainer must have

Being a trainer is not only a job, but also a responsibility. It means helping others get and understand information, so it may actually represent a starting point or the height of somebody’s career. This is why a trainer must check several points on the “Must have” qualities list in order to make a difference […]

The most efficient feedback

“Feedback” is a concept that everybody finds simple to understand and therefore simple to use. However, it is not always clear for everybody how to use it properly and while some might be under the impression that they figured it out, there is evidence to the contrary. Understood as a reaction, the purpose of a […]

The best way to end a training course

As a trainer, the information you gather for your presentation, the arguments you prepare, the examples and the way you choose to deliver the “story” are key aspects to a successful training. But what is at least as important as all that is the way you end it. It’s not wrong to end a course […]