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About Academy Class

Market Leaders in Training Courses
for Designers and Developers

We have the largest catalogue of software training courses on the market.

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A World Filled With Stunning Creativity

This is our “oh yeah!” It’s why we get out of bed, drink coffee, and go with alacrity into the challenging world of supporting good art. It’s our reason for existing; why we built this training centre.

But, we are much more than just software training. We’re everything that goes around being a uber-software-nerd-expert; the careers, the community, the self-growth and controlling global eye-candy!

We want to make sure that we play a fundamental part in making the world a better place to live in – one beautified with blossoming creativity! After all, what is Earth without ‘art’ – eh?

The Classy Academic Stuff

Studies show employees prefer video as a method of learning. However, that doesn’t mean they’re always paying attention.

Over 70% of employees admit that they do not give training videos their full attention, and 90% admit that they don’t finish the course.
Academy Class is getting employees’ attention back with Live-Online Instructor-Led Training.

Fortunately, employees see additional ways to make training more engaging. With over 80% believing that interactive online training hold their interest better than traditional DIY videos. That is why our classes are in-class or live-online training sessions, both instructor-led by industry professionals, in real time.