Illustrator Warp Tools: Part 5 The Bloat Tool

Adobe Illustrator has a collection of tools under the Warp Tool set, all for the purpose of molding and reshaping objects.  Here’s a list of the tools I’ve covered so far:

In this post I’ll be looking into the Bloat Tool and what you can do with it.


The Bloat Tool

A warp tool that inflates an object by moving control points away from the cursor’s center.  Here’s the button for the Bloat Tool:

bloat tool

If you press the Bloat Tool in the center of an object, then it’s shape bloats outwards:



Keeping the brush still touching the object but with the brush’s cross-hairs outside the object will push away the object’s edges:



Drawing clouds can be made quicker with the Bloat Tool.  Just draw an ellipse and press the Bloat Tool brush near the edges of the shape (while keeping the brush’s cross-hairs within the ellipse shape):


The bloat tool can also be used to reshape stars:



If you click inside an object and slowly drag out, the brush will drag out the object along with it:



However, you can have more fun with the Bloat Tool when you use it on pictures rather then simple shapes.


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