Touch Type Tool

The Touch Type Tool is a new type tool in Adobe Illustrator CC. This tool allows you to move, scale, rotate and overlap individual characters in a word, while still keeping the word editable too. The Touch Type Tool gets its name because it supports multi-touch devices, so you can manipulate the characters using a stylus or touch-driven device. But you can still use your mouse, which I’m going to use for this post.


The Touch Type Tool works with any existing text, so our first task is to create some. I have selected the Type Tool (highlighted in red below) and clicked on the document and typed in “BOOM”. Adjusting the font size, fill colour and adding a stroke I have created the text shown below.

With the text selected, either with the Selection Tool or Type tool, it is time to start manipulating individual characters. Selecting the Touch Type Tool (highlighted in red below) will show an on-screen message which says “Click on a character to select“, so I clicked on letter/character B.


Once clicked, a transformation box with control handles appear around the character.

To manipulate the character use the following options:

  • Dragging on the character will move the character
  • Dragging on the bottom-right control handle (circle) will also move the character
  • Dragging vertically on the top-left control handle (circle) will scale it vertically
  • Dragging on the top-right control handle (circle) will cause the character to scale in proportion
  • Dragging the bottom-right control handle (circle) will scale it horizontally
Using the above methods of manipulation I have modified each character in the word “BOOM” to create the following.
With a bit more work, and a few more elements I have created the final piece of artwork.
Have a go and see what you can create with this new tool!