10 Best Web Design works of 2016

When technology changes faster than the Earth can spin, web designers are the ones who can handle all the buzz. Striving for better, smarter, more engaging and aesthetically pleasing websites and apps is never an easy task. Have a look at our top 10 web design projects of 2016, which were honored with Innovation by Design Award 2016.

  1. Adobe Experience Design CC – is an all-in-one digital platform that provides the basic tools to both prototype and perfect UX projects. adobe-experience-design
  2. Digital artists have embraced the screen-as-canvas, but the next medium to master is a touch more esoteric: virtual reality. The immersive experience is becoming more accessible to the masses, and Tilt Brush is Google’s tool to give everyone—VR pros and n00bs alike—the chance to create in 3D. tilt-brush
  3. Kinduct is a responsive software system developed to optimize athletes’ performances. By aggregating data from external sources like electronic medical records, and combining it with proprietary assessment trackers, the platform’s visualizations and analysis can help determine the most effective training and treatment strategies for individual players, rather than a more traditional team-wide approach. kinduct
  4. Keeping collaborative design projects on track can be a major challenge; 10,000ft Insights is a platform that syncs creative ideas into a single location, organizes feedback from internal team members and clients, and effectively visualizes the context surrounding key creative decisions.10000
  5. Atlas – since its inception in 2012, Quartz has built its web reputation with charts. Lots and lots of charts.atlas
  6. Facebook reactions – by delving into the most common stickers and emojis selected by Facebook users, then combining that data with anonymous samples of short comments for insights into recurring emotions asserted on the site, the company created a new batch of Reactions—Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, or Angry—that better embodies how people express themselves online.facebookreactions
  7. Scheduling meetings is a tedious time suck; Clara is a “virtual employee” that gets to work when you copy her on an email thread. clara
  8. Histography takes major moments from the history of our universe—from the Big Bang to the evolution of mammals to the invention of disco—and adds them to an entertaining interactive timeline that puts those events in perspective, complete with videos, images, and relevant articles for more info.histography
  9. BBC Micro:bit. Nearly a million 12-year-old British students were given a pocket-size, codeable computer called the BBC micro:bit. The wee gadget represented an ambitious collaboration between the broadcast giant’s Make It Digital campaign and the DIY whizzes at Technology Will Save Us, whose creative kits give kids the chance to explore innovating and inventing on a child-size scale.bbbcmicrobit
  10. A night at the Metropolitan Opera no longer requires expensive tickets or a trip to New York City. Anyone with a working internet connection can now explore and enjoy some of the most incredible performances of the past two centuries.opera

And what are your favourite web design projects of 2016? Share your opinion in a comment section bellow.