10 ‘Photoshopped’ Images That Created a Buzz in 2015

Photoshop is a powerful tool and one that’s has led to some incredibly talented users wreaking havoc on the internet with images that are so close to reality they will leave you questioning your existence. Of course, hoaxed images have existed for many years but the sophistication Photoshop provides has made it harder than ever to tell reality from fiction. Here are some of the very best photoshopped images we’ve seen to date and some of the unbelievable stories behind their creation.

1. World’s largest dog

This is not the world’s largest dog, it is, in fact, an ingeniously edited image that first showed up in a chain email around 2007. While it is true that in 2001 an English Mastiff which is a similar breed to that in this picture was declared the world’s heaviest dog – it is not the same dog as in this unbelievablele image.


2. Helicopter Shark

Helicopter shark is actually two photographs that have been skilfully blended together to create a convincing if somewhat unreal photograph. This photo first appeared in 2001 via email and has persistently resurfaced on internet sites since. A number of tell-tale signs exist which will alert eagle-eyed viewers to the fact it’s not real. Firstly, it’s taken in San Francisco Bay, an area not known for its Great White population. Secondly, both photographers have come forwards to identify the images as their own work.


3. Multi-headed Cobra

See what they did here? One head became many and thousands of gullible internet users believed there to be some truth behind this doctored image.


4. Fabricated Asia Trip

Dutch student Zilla Van Den Born not only pulled the wool over the internet’s eyes she also convinced her family that she was trekking around Asia when she was, in fact, sat on her sofa using Photoshop. The whole project formed part of her studies as an art student to show the lack of reality on social media platforms.


5. Partying with Celebrities

These photos may make you think that designer Everett Hiller and his wife host the most exclusive, A-list only parties. But, in fact, he is highly skilled with Photoshop and actually went as far as creating 55 images in an Imgur gallery to really sell his story to the public.


6. Airplane Pilot Selfie

We all love a selfie but what about one at 40,000 feet? People wanted to believe this so much that it was widely shared but could unfortunately never be real because of the laws of Physics.


7. Castle on a Rock

How about a German castle perched on top of a rocky outcrop in a picturesque Thai setting? Wouldn’t that make a wonderful holiday home? Well if it were real it might but unfortunately this is an incredibly believable hoax, that made many undeniably jealous.


8. LA Blackout

This one claims to show the moment LA was hit by a city-wide blackout. But in actuality, it was created by an artist. This image has spread throughout the internet like a plague – from UFO sites, to Reddit and beyond this has fooled people all over.


9. Segal Pranking Putin

We all know that Steven Segal is a very brave man but is he really this brave? No! Unfortunately this image was the product of some internet pranksters but that didn’t stop this from going viral.


10. Selfie with Shark

Photoshop fans seem to love sharks, here is another shark infested photo that is simply not real. If he was this close to an actual shark would he really be taking a picture of it? Would you?


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