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10 Ways To Keep Children Busy While You Work/Study From Home

Upgrading your skills with some training during this lockdown can be challenging when there are so many things to do and concentration-disruptors such as TV, chores and (bless them) … Children.

We have created of 10 (hopefully new and innovative) activities to keep your children occupied while you’re live-online training from home which is especially helpful during this COVID-19 lockdown period where schools and your usual safety net of holiday activities have been closed down. Gasp!

1. Create a “Solo Game Box”

Fill a box with fun items that your child can play with alone or with a sibling. These items can be things like colouring books, building blocks, easy puzzles and much more. When you are working/studying, give your child the opportunity to keep themselves occupied in a fun and independent way with the items in this box; It gives your children a single place to independently look for the next interesting thing to do.

2. Have your children create their own fantasy world!

Instead of just putting on the TV for your children to watch cartoons, have them make their own. Give them a piece of paper and some crayons, and ask them to draw you a superhero and a bad guy. When they’re done, let them come back and tell you their hero’s story.

3. Give them their own job to do.

Give your child a really really important task to do. Ask them to draw a picture for grandma to brighten up her day or build a fort for daddy. If they think it’s an important job, most of the time they won’t complain about working on it independently. Mmmm. Seems manipulative … but it is all for the greatest good. Isn’t it?

4. Let them play…dough!

If you still have younger children, it is highly likely that you have playdough in the house. Here are some links to websites that have lovely, innovative playdough activities that will keep your toddlers busy while you are taking a course. Here’s an added tip: you can step it up a notch and give them a prize if they complete it before bedtime!

Find some ideas here:

5. Fortify the movie experience!

Building and playing in a fort is a very happy childhood memory that most of us have. So double down on the fun by letting them build a fort with pillows and blankets and whatever else is on hand. Then let them watch a movie inside the fort! You can also bring them snacks and lunch inside the fort – they will love the experience. If you have toddlers, they can also have their daily nap in the fort.

6. Give them something more cultured to watch.

Today, we have so many entertainment options at our disposal, but not all of them positively influence our lives. Give your children something more creative or informative to spend their limited screen time on such as these free broadway shows*.

Have a look at these sites:

* Not all movies in these links are necessarily meant for children.  We know you will use your discretion.

7. See the world from inside your living room.

If your child is old enough to, let them do virtual tours of some of the world’s greatest museums and art galleries, absolutely free! 

Have a look at these 10 awesome virtual museum tours.

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8. Where’s Wally?

This is a classic way to keep your children entertained for a while. Where’s Wally is a great game that stimulates your child’s brain and keeps them entertained. There are many free versions of Where’s Wally that you can download and print or you can utilise the free online seek-and-find games that can be found here.

9. Instant, Never-Ending Colouring-in Book

Colouring in is one of the simplest ways to keep a child absorbed and busy. The good news is that you don’t need to pop out to the shops every time a child completes a colouring-in book. Here are some links to some free online colouring-in books that you can simply download and print for your child. Some of them offer interesting games and challenges within the colouring-in activity.

Find some cool colouring-in websites here:

10. Build a box road!

This is a way to very quickly create a huge play area For your children, quickly and cheaply. Take an old cardboard box and draw roads and signs on it. Add some toy trucks, people and animals to it and you have created a living room-sized city for your children to spend hours in.

Now that you have a plethora of ways to keep your children out of your hair, why not upgrade your skill-set? Have a look at our many online training courses below!