What the 3D Movement Means for Job Seekers of Tomorrow

3D technology is changing the world around us; it’s changing the movie industry, the design industry and the manufacturing process. But what will this innovative technology mean for the future of workers?

New 3D CAD software allows users to model a design and then print it using a 3D printer. The uses of 3D modelling go way beyond this, including things like game design, animation and even architecture. Changes to the way that the wo3D Movementrkforce functions are bound to happen as a result of this technology.

Injection moulding is one field that is rapidly changing with 3D technology. It used to be that injection moulds were crafted at great cost by highly skilled individuals but now they can be planned on computers before being printed in 3D. This has streamlined the process and reduced required expenditure. The impact on the traditional manufacturing program cannot be understated. 3D is overhauling this whole industry and introducing brand new processes that staff have to adapt to.

Prototypes can take businesses years to create, which slows the move to market and makes it an extremely expensive process. But thanks to 3D technology this is now a streamlined process that can take weeks as opposed to years. Inventors can design their product on CAD software and then use 3D printing technology to have a basic prototype in a matter of hours. This is fantastic for start-ups who normally have a limited budget until they can get a product to market. And using 3D technology will greatly increase this move.

3D modelling not only creates products using a 3D printer it is also used by more traditional design practices to streamline workloads and create accurate details. Architecture, engineering and other sectors are embracing this technology to create accurate models and speed up the process. No longer do they need to redraft and cross-reference drawings instead all details are in one convenient place and building specifications can be easily calculated. The reliance of this industry on 3D technology will only grow as more and more advancements are made.

In the future, it`s expected that 3D technology will stretch further and cover a whole range of new fields. Areas like medicine are already starting to see the growth of 3D technology with increased personalisation when creating a hip joint, dental implant, or hearing aids. And this trend is set to continue, with more businesses and industries becoming reliant on this remarkable technology.

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