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5 Steps to Kick starting Your Web Design Career

It is never too late to change career paths and web design is not only one of the most exciting fields to move into, it can also be incredibly lucrative. However, you can’t simply jump into a successful career in web design – you need to be prepared. Even if you aren’t really technical, you will be able to grasp web design by following these simple steps…

1: Learn Loads of Languages

Most web development projects will require knowledge of more than one programming language and several software packages. Take special courses to learn new languages and how to use new software. This means whenever a job comes in, you will be more than capable of completing it. Start with languages that are currently in-demand and very versatile. It will take less time to learn languages and software functions if you will have someone experienced enough to teach you. At Academy Class you will find the most passionate and professional instructors who will help you to go through the learning process smoothly.

2: Study Online Sites

You need to understand what functions do what on different sites. Whenever you visit a site, right click and select view page source. This will give you an insight into how that site is running and the way features of the page work. You could try copying these into a word document for later reference.

3: Find Work

Experience is key in web development and people will not be willing to hire you without evidence of this. Try approaching local small businesses with no web presence or charities with an ineffective website. Offer to build sites for free and use the results to build up your portfolio of work. It may seem like a lot of effort for no immediate reward, but given time this will pay off.

4: Showcase and Market

Having a portfolio is one thing, but allowing potential customers to see it and being easily contactable is another entirely. Develop your own website where you can be based. You could also try using some freelancing sites like people per hour in order to get extra work.

5: Keep Current

Web development is a constantly evolving field; you have to stay on top of how it changes or you will be left behind. Keep on track by following industry news alerts and partaking in courses on a regular basis. If you don’t stay on top of it, you will fall behind and won’t be able to offer your clients everything they need.

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