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8 Adobe Photoshop Tips and Tricks For Faster Work – Infographic

Changing layer opacity, using a drawing tablet, instantly selecting layer contents and other tips and tricks for faster work with Adobe Photoshop.


Download your free Photoshop Tips and Tricks Infographic here


1. Quickly Change Layer Opacity

You can quickly adjust the opacity of the layer by pressing the number keys.


2. Use a Drawing Tablet

A mouse or laptop trackpad is a really inefficient tool for working with Photoshop. Especially, when it comes to masking or fine retouching. A tablet stylus allows you to quickly sketch out drawings and also control the pressure sensitivity of brush strokes.


3. Instantly Select Layer Contents

Hold Cmd while clicking on the layer thumbnail to load a selection of all layer contents.


4. Bird’s Eye View

When you’re zoomed in close, hold down the H key and drag to the side of the image to instantly dart out to full view and then point to another area to zoom into it (at the same zoom level).


5. Sprint-loaded Move Tool

While using any tool, hold down Cmd / Ctrl to switch to the Move Tool. When you release Cmd / Ctrl you’ll instantly return to the original tool.


6. Automate with Actions

The Actions panel is used to save and automate tasks, making it ideal for making changes in bulk. Window > Actions.


7. View Layer on its Own

When working with many layers, it’s possible to instantly view a single layer on its own by holding down Alt and clicking on the eye icon of the layer in the Layers panel. Repeat the process again to restore all the other layers.


8. Convert the Background

Quickly convert the Background layer to an editable layer by simply double-clicking on it in the Layers panel and hit OK on the pop-up menu.