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Academy Class delegate – Lesley McConnel wins top award as she is crowned UK Adobe Certified Associate Champion

This year we’ve had the pleasure of teaching Lesley McConnell on more occasions than we can remember, as she got to grips with our Adobe Creative License course.

Imagine our excitement when we got the news that she had been crowned the UK’s Adobe Certified Associate Champion! This meant that Lesley had achieved a higher score in a shorter time than anyone else in the UK for her ACA Photoshop exam.

David Smith, our Photoshop trainer delivering the classes Lesley took part in is feeling particularly proud:

‘I’m the trainer who taught her I decided that I must be Mr Miyagi to her Daniel San. Her prize is an all expenses paid trip to sunny California to take part in the ACA World Championships, which last year involved all the winners from around the globe competing to make the best Poster using Photoshop. I have asked, but she assures me that there isn’t room in her suitcase to smuggle me along (that wouldn’t have happened to Mr. Miyagi).

So sometime soon Lesley is going to pop into the Glasgow Training Suite and get to work practicing her ideas, I think she is quite nervous. Now I think about it I probably shouldn’t have told her the competition was based on the Hunger Games and only one was coming back out.’

It’s safe to say that Lesley has made all of us here at Academy Class very proud and she has set a high bar for anyone else coming along for training.

‘The other trainers will be looking to take my winning record from me, like the evil Cobra Khan dojo. I shall continue waxing and painting to make sure that they don’t’.

Well done again Lesley, you are our superstar!