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Adobe Creative Suite Remains an Industry Favorite

Adobe Creative Suite, first making its debut in 2003, has become known today as one of the most comprehensive software packages for web and graphic designers and developers.

Creative Suite Options

With the released CS6 Edition, more choices than ever exist in terms of content and accessibility and users looking for a carefully thought-out collection of tools can choose from the Standard or Premium kits.

Standard – The Design Standard Suite consists of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Media Encoder enabling users to output their content to any device or video format.

Web Premium – Geared more toward the professional designer, this collection incorporates Flash Pro and Fireworks into the Design Standard mix.

Underlying Integration

Both Creative Suite packages offer an integrated symphony of tools that work seamlessly, individually or in tandem. With cross application capabilities, any file created within the suite of programs can be opened in any other programs within the suite.

The integrated file management and workflow system is unique, with benefits in place to help you focus on your creativity rather than the software. Version Cue is a feature exclusive to Adobe that helps you keep track of multiple versions of a file, find files quickly, and share them with others.

The PDF Advantage

The Portable Document Format (PDF), once owned solely by Adobe, is now open software. It offers one of the easiest and most widely accepted ways to share documents, and Creative Suite has the latest and greatest PDF format spread across the entire suite, enabling users to create reliable, high quality files viewable by a wide audience.

Adobe Creative Suite is a self-contained designing platform, combining the best that Adobe has to offer in one seamlessly integrated package. The web development and design industry is a fast paced ever-changing environment; Adobe Creative Suite training from Academy Class can help you gain the competitive edge and confidence necessary to succeed, and the skills to help you stay on top.