Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign or Premiere Pro Certification

Why bother? Some would say it’s not necessary to become a Certified Adobe Expert – just as it’s not necessary for a GP to become a neurologist or a brain surgeon, but that extra training sure does help. Both paths lead you to being a great practitioner. Only one however, sets you apart from the thousands of others out there doing just the same as you and allows you to be recognised as the specialist expert operator/developer you have become.

Those who have chosen to gain the Adobe Certificate of expertise will always tell you that they would rather have it than not. They would prefer to be recognised for going the extra mile in the service of their customers than to be just another run of the mill worker. There are others who disagree, but these are usually those who don’t happen to have a Certificate.

So, the pros and cons?


  • You will bring a level of craftsmanship and creation to your projects that you may not otherwise have.
  • The industry recognised logo on your website will automatically raise your profile in the industry.
  • You will be automatically established as holding yourself to a higher standard in your professional output and results.
  • You will be identified as an individual who cares enough to distinguish him/herself from others by going the extra mile in gaining added training.
  • Your resume will be more desirable for employers who can use your expertise to promote their business.
  • Colleagues can attest to the quality of work being produced in-house by quoting your achievements.
  • Your resumes, websites, e-cards and more can all accurately display the Adobe logos, thereby providing greater credibility to your credentials.
  • Employers can see at a glance what areas of work you specialise in and don’t have to bother with finding out by hit-and-miss results on work projects.
  • It is easier for employers to match the right candidate for the right job.
  • You are always at the top of the game because Adobe provides notifications on trends, updates, new products and developments.



  • You will be just an average worker; no one will even notice you’re there. Nice and safe.
  • Being an expert will ready you for greater challenges that you don’t need. Keep it nice.
  • You won’t have to try to better yourself because that would mean competition and you don’t like to compete.
  • Nobody will see you as being an expert in anything – ah mediocrity is just fine.
  • Bosses will put you in the same employee pool as everyone else.