Adobe DPS Made Simple: Creating Image Sequence Animations

If you’re unfamiliar with Adobe DPS then I would recommend you to read the introductory post in the series, in order to learn the basics: Adobe DPS Made Simple: Introduction & Building a Basic Folio

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In this Adobe DPS tutorial I’ll demonstrate how to create an image sequence animation using Adobe InDesign and a series of JPGs.  I’ll also show you a couple of different ways users can interact with the animation.


Step 1

Store all the images you intended to animate all in one folder.  Here I’ve used the work of Eadweard Muybridge and will animate one of his photo sequences of someone riding a horse.  Make sure you number the images in the right animation sequence.



Step 2

Create a new InDesign document for Digital Publishing.  Select the Rectangle Tool (or press M) and draw a frame.

adobe indesign


Step 3

Make sure the newly drawn frame is selected. Open up the Folio Overlays panel (Window > Folio Overlays) and select Image Sequence from the menu.  You’ll then be presented with all the options for the animation.  For now, make sure these boxes are only ticked: Show First Image Initially, Tap to Play and Loop.  This will make an animation that plays when you click or tap onto it and will continue to play.

adobe dps


Press the Preview button and select either for desktop or iPad to test the animation.

adobe dps

Control Animation With Swipe

You can scroll through each image sequence with you fingers by changing the options in the Folio Overlay panel.  Just untick Tap to Play/Pause and instead tick both Swipe to Change Image and Stop at First and Last Image.

adobe dpsHit Preview to see the results and slide your finger slow across the iPad screen (horizontally) to control the animation.  If you’re viewing the folio through Content Viewer then do the same with the mouse cursor.

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