Adobe DPS Made Simple: How to Create Scrollable Text Frames

If you’re unfamiliar with Adobe DPS then I would recommend you to read the introductory post in the series, in order to learn the basics: Adobe DPS Made Simple: Introduction & Building a Basic Folio

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In this Adobe DPS tutorial I will show you have to include a text box on a page, which you can scroll through to read more.


Step 1

Select the Type Tool in the toolbar or press T.  Then draw out a text frame.

adobe dps


Step 2

Click into the text frame and fill it with text.  If you don’t have any text you can always fill with placeholder text by going Type > Fill with Placeholder Text.  Ideally for this tutorial, you’ll want the text to overflow.

adobe dps


Step 3

Select the text frame with the Selection Tool and next cut it by going Edit > Cut (or  Cmd/Ctrl + X).


Step 4

On the toolbar, select the Rectangle Tool (or press M) and draw a rectangle where the text frame was.  This is where the text will be contained in.  Here I’ve set the stroke to none and the fill colour to a light grey.

adobe dps


Step 5

Select the rectangle and go Edit > Paste Into.  This will place the text frame inside of the rectangle container frame.

adobe dps


Step 6

Using the Direct Selection Tool, adjust the text frame so that the left, right and top sides fits inside the rectangle.  This can be achieved by clicking on the corner points and dragging them into place.  You can select multiple corner point by clicking on the 1st point and then holding shift while you click onto the 2nd point and so on.  Below I’ve made the text frame smaller then the container frame.

adobe dps


However, make sure the bottom side of the text frame is dragged out to the length of the text it will contain.  This is where we’ll be scrolling to.

adobe dps


Step 7

Select the rectangle frame (via the Selection Tool) and go Window > Folio Overlays.  In the panel, select the Scrollable Frame option.

indesign dps


Step 8

In Scroll Direction set to Vertical, for Initial Content Position set to Use Document Position and for Export Format in PDF Articles set to Vector.



Now your scrollable text frame is ready.  You can preview the document to see the results.


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