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Align and Distribution

Alignment is one of the design principles, it makes a design look more professional and can help to establish a visual connection between items. Basically it eliminates the haphazard, messy effect when items are randomly placed. Distribution allows you to create equal space between objects, so making the layout of objects appear more thought about and less-haphazard.


With alignment and distribution, the selection of objects can be very  important. The first item you click on becomes the anchor object, and is indicated by white resizing handles. Think of the anchor object as the target object, other selected objects will move to be aligned or distributed based on the position of the anchor object, while the anchor object stays still. Shift-clicking to select any additional objects will give you black handles around the objects.

The image below shows the initial layout of some buttons, the photoshop button being the anchor object.


Go to Window > Align to show the Align panel, it will appear above your captivate project. To align the illustrator  and acrobat buttons, click on the Align Top button.


With the buttons still selected they can be distributed horizonally too by selecting the button shown below. This will ensure that the horizonal space between the buttons is the same.

Here we just looked at a few of the alignment and distribution options available in Captivate. Next time you need to tidy up your layout you know where to go.

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