Learning Paths

Batch Processing

When you want to process a large number of photographs to be of a similar style, the batch process tool becomes very useful.

To batch process, you need to first create an action.  This is like recording the actions you would like to carry out with your folder of photographs.  I would like to see my group of photographs to be Black and White and with a higher contrast,

–   First open up one of the photographs you would like to edit.


–   Then go to Window > Action


–   Then create a new action, by clicking the button on the bottom of this toolbar, and name the action accordingly.


–   Press the record button.


–   Now simply edit the current photograph to how you would like it be.


Now I have completed editing my photograph I can stop recording the actions I am carrying out. 


I have completed recording the process I would like my photographs to go through.

Before I move onto the next step, I make sure that all my photographs are in one folder.  And always as a backup, keep a another folder of the original pictures!

–   File > Automate >




–   Select the Action you would like to use

–  Source > Folder > Choose your files/folder


After pressing okay, the computer will quickly start processing all your files.  Opening each file, it will then go through each action that was recorded with each file.  After a little patience, depending on how many photographs you have to process of how many actions you have recorded soon you will have a lovely set of edited photographs like below.


Original Files

Batch Processed Files