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Become a Digital Artist with Adobe Design Courses

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In the creative world of graphic design, there are only a handful of design solutions that can do it all. Adobe is one of these, with world-class graphic design applications like Photoshop and Illustrator used daily by millions the world over. We’re here to share some information on the three ‘bread and butter’ graphic design programs Adobe has to offer, as well as how to you can take the first step towards becoming the design wizard you’re destined to be with an accredited Adobe design course

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Design Courses: Man and Woman Using Tablet with Photoshop in Background

Considered the most powerful image editor on the planet by many, Adobe Photoshop is mainly used to edit existing images or create entirely new images from scratch.

With remarkable features like the healing brush and patch tools, designers can perform a range of image alterations – with a few clicks of the mouse buttons.

Photoshop is an essential component of Adobe design courses, as this is often the graphic design program designers utilise the most (especially in advertising and marketing).

Adobe Illustrator

If you’ve ever worked in a marketing agency environment, you’ll know the value of being able to design business logos. If you’re currently looking for advice on logo design, check out our article on new business logo design tips!

Adobe Illustrator lets you dabble with things like designing your own vectors, icons, typography, and logos as mentioned above.

An Adobe design course worth your time should definitely feature lessons on Adobe Illustrator, as many agree that Photoshop and Illustrator are meant to be used together.

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Design Courses: Person Pointing to Computer ScreenThink of InDesign as the go-to Adobe design solution for times when you’re tasked with designing publications – be they in print or digital format.

Adobe InDesign is perfect for creating print mediums such as flyers, posters, books, magazines, brochures and reports – but wait, there’s more!

InDesign also allows you to design and publish digital projects including e-magazines, interactive PDF documents, e-books, and even apps.

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Looking for more information? Browse our Academy Class website, or simply connect with us here and we’ll take you through how it all works. We hope to see you in class soon!

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