Become an expert in all the hottest digital marketing trends of 2022.

Become an expert in all the hottest digital marketing trends of 2022 including social media engagement, VR gaming, and advertising when you train with UK’s finest; Academy Class.

Working in partnership with Adobe, Autodesk, Maxon, Unity, Black Magic, and other premier programmes to offer industry-leading training courses in all digital media areas, Academy Class are looking to take your skill set and capabilities to a new level so that you are the expert you need to be when working with the hottest digital marketing trends of 2018.

Offering specific training in the ever-growing field of social media, Academy Class’ Social Media Zero to Hero Course course is the perfect training to prepare young or experienced marketers for the constant changes of social media and how to capitalise on these changes.

“As marketers, we often enthusiastically run after these different opportunities to engage with our customers,” explains Academy Class owner Mark Young about the impact social media has on digital marketing.

“Our Social Media Zero to Hero Course is perfect for all professionals, whether its Corporate marketing managers and directors, business-to-business or business-to-consumer marketers,” adds Mark.

The massive marketing potential of Virtual Reality (VR) gaming is now becoming apparent more than ever and is just waiting for people to take it head on and run with it.

Academy Class’ professional certification course Unity 3D for VR is not only a course that will provide you with a professional certification, but also complete training in how to use the Unity 3D game engine for VR, how to setup software and hardware and understanding of how to develop knowledge for the marketing skills essential for this ground-breaking gaming sector.

Advertising agency professionals are responsible for bringing the latest marketing solutions to their clients’ and their evolving marketing challenges. Because of this it is important that New capabilities, roles and way of working are learned as the customer experience wanted by clients forever changes.

Academy Class offer Online Marketing courses that entail professional training as to how online advertising can help improve your customer and client’s satisfaction as well as teaching you the effective tips to successful online advertising, such as selecting online display advertising networks and banner formats and understanding data analytics: what to measure and how to manage.

These latest digital marketing trends plus many more can be used to your professional advantage when you train with Academy Class; who have an array of courses to ensure your desired area of training is offered.

List of Digital Marketing Trends:

Using short-form, vertical videos

Meta recently announced during its Q1 2022 earnings call that Reels now make up over 20% of the time users spend on Instagram. And according to statistics from Thunderclap, the user engagement rate of Reels compared to regular video content is 22% higher.

These figures show that video marketing is still on the rise, and if you ask any credible marketer working in the space today, you’ll get the same response. Video marketing is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity.

Using AI content-writing tools

Others may call me a “traitor” for including this trend on our list, but it’s there for a reason…

Content marketing is critical to the success of any business’ advertising strategy, and content marketers spend an average of 33 hours (82 percent of their working week) creating content.

Consider giving them more time to focus on other aspects of marketing that will increase ROI. Or saving money on the cost of hiring a copywriting team?

You can, however, use AI content-writing tools to accomplish this. Machine-learning technology not only saves you time by creating marketing content in thirty seconds. It will happen.

Marketing in the metaverse

All of us, marketers included, are still learning about the metaverse. Many marketing professionals, however, are beginning to recognise the benefits and potential returns of marketing in this virtual world.

Jemima Myers, marketing consultant and founder of Social Chameleon, likens it to getting on board with Instagram back in the early 2010s, she says:

 Strike now whilst competition is low, interest is high and the opportunity to mark your brand as an innovative enterprise is still hot!