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Become a top VR developer when you attend the newly created VR Development Bootcamp with Unity 3D.

In just four weeks, Academy Class and their VR Development Bootcamp will have you learning to start developing your own virtual reality creations and ideas.

In partnership with Unity 3D, Academy Class is offering you the chance to build advanced practical skills as you create working games and software from the ground up. You are able to go from being a complete beginner to a competent VR developer in only four weeks!

“More games are made with Unity than with any other game technology. More players play games made with Unity and more developers rely on our tools and services to drive their business,” says Academy Class owner Mark Young.

Not only will this bootcamp help you stand out from other VR developers it will also help with real word experience and hands-on training exercises. It will provide you with an extensive education and unique industry insights which are untaught anywhere else.

“The VR revolution has arrived and it’s ushering in a new way of learning and we cannot shy away from this. Development of the high-end VR products is becoming more expansive and they are becoming available in training centres all over the world,” Mark explains.

“By following our VR Development Bootcamp not only will you have real world applications of how VR works but you will have a library of VR programs and be far along the learning curve of beginning to develop mixed reality simulations,” adds Mark

The VR Development Bootcamp is broken up week by week regarding its material. The first week is a jump start course to get you up to scratch with using Unity and understanding the most important features it displays. The second week is where you begin to structure a plan around your project with different tasks and planning entailed for each day.

The third week is where you begin to get stuck to developing your project with the guidance of Academy Class’ highly qualified instructors where you will pick up all the necessary tips to succeed in your project. In the final week clients are taught to construct analytics, player feedback and more market research concerning the finalisation of the VR developed final products.

This is the perfect opportunity for people interested in capitalising on the latest VR gaming boom and becoming fully certified to begin their own development under the professional training of UK leader Academy Class.

Build a portfolio, get interview tips and create a CV that will get you noticed. Academy Class will teach you all the skills required to take the next steps in your career.


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