Benefits of Employee Training in Teams

Saving you time and money, plus encouraging staff motivation and retention are just a few of the benefits of employee training in groups. Here are a few more reasons why group eLearning is a great idea:

1. It saves you money and saves your employees’ time

According to research, online training for your employees can save you up to 80% on printing alone! Costs on trainers, training venues, travel, catering, and employee time are also vastly reduced. All employees require is computer access and time to complete their training.

Online training is said to reduce learning time by 60%. All the time associated with travel, breaks, meals, and beginning and wrapping up lessons can all be reduced through group eLearning.

2. When-you-need and when-you-can accessible training

eLearning in the workplace opens up doors for employees working remotely or located across the globe. Vouchers are valid for a few months, so staff can access training whenever they can within that period.

Your staff members will also have access to key resources that can be referred back to at a later stage. No one is confined to the classroom and materials can accompany staff on the go.

corporate training

3. Increase employee motivation and retention

If employees know there are growth opportunities within the company, they will seek out the training allowing them to springboard there. Individuals who feel fulfilled and valued with reachable goals within the workplace will be staff who want to stay, grow, and work harder.

4. Increase the agility and sustainability of your company

While having highly-skilled individuals who outperform everyone else in their area of expertise is great, what happens when that person is sick, on leave, or resigns? Cross-training with flexible vouchers can be key in proofing your business against the unexpected, and can assist in upskilling (our apologies to the purists, but we just can’t help using this very useful, contemporary word!) employees in a few areas, ensuring the long-term success of your business.

5. Increase In Employee Engagement and less learning pressure

When it comes to a classroom setting, not everyone is comfortable or confident enough to ask questions or contribute to a lesson. With live online training and eLearning, employees may feel more confident to engage in the lesson as there’s no fear of failing in front of a large group. Better yet, they can return to the task, assignment, or question and try again once they understand where they went wrong.

6. Recognizing and Overcoming Weaknesses

If an employee stays in their comfort zone, they may never discover their weaknesses. When they put themselves through extensive training, it helps them identify their weak points and identify ways to improve. Overcoming weaknesses is critical for employees’ professional and personal growth.

7. Developing Their Key Strengths

Employee training assists them in identifying their core strengths as well as overcoming weaknesses. This enables your employees to focus on their strengths and develop them in order to increase their productivity.

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