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Bobbie Print – Success Story


Now working in the textile design industry, designer and Academy Class alumni Victoria Oatway, is the founder of her own company Bobbie Print; the home to a collection of hand-pulled screen prints, stationery and home accessories. This came as a result of Victoria’s Adobe Illustrator course training at Academy Class.

Bobbie Print was created in 2015 and began as a small operation of screen prints. Over the years, Victoria has managed to grow her branch of products that Bobbie Print offers, focusing on bringing a modern feel to all products, but maintaining retro styling and a longevity beyond fast paced seasonal trends. Bobbie Print products such as wall screen prints, enamel pins, and notebooks, bring together the authenticity and craftsmanship of traditional hand screen printing techniques with a playful design aesthetic to create an authentic and unique piece of art.

With all screen prints beginning with their own individual sketches, each print has its own personal design aesthetic. These hand drawn sketches are then put through Adobe Illustrator and brought to life; something Victoria learned through Academy Class.

Victoria’s design story begins with no previous knowledge about Adobe Illustrator before taking the course with Academy Class. Victoria chose an Adobe Illustrator course that taught her all the skills necessary to realise her creative vision, as well as learn critical drawing methods for Adobe Illustrator, such as:

  • Masking techniques
  • Blending modes and how to use the blend tool
  • 3D simulation through shading
  • Isometric representation of objects
  • Understanding filter operations
  • Using pathfinder operations
  • Creating text effects

By the end of the course, Victoria was able to gain many more skills and methods that helped her begin Bobbie Print, and overall helped Victoria to be able to create complex and impressive imagery, and to develop an in-depth understanding of all Adobe Illustrator features that are relevant to her desired industry jobs.

Here’s what Victoria had to say about her time with Academy Class:

“I have to admit I had never used Adobe Illustrator before taking a course with Academy Class, now after working in the textile design industry for a few years I’m using Illustrator every day and have recently launched my own range of screen prints. They all start out as hand drawn sketches but then I use Illustrator and the skills I was first taught with Academy Class to bring them to life. It’s interesting to reflect and to think back now to where I was a few years ago when I trained with Academy Class; when I didn’t know the first thing about the programme that is now helping me to realise my design ambitions.”

Victoria now uses Adobe Illustrator on a daily basis, because of its ability to expand on her own hand-drawn creations and make them professional. Taking the Adobe Illustrator training course at Academy Class was a lending hand in helping Victoria to begin in the textile design industry.

Adobe Illustrator also supports the notion of infographics, and how in an information-overloaded internet generation, Infographics are an effective way to explain complex concepts quickly and simply. The Adobe Illustrator courses are designed for people aspiring to be or people who are currently graphic artists, designers, image manipulators and editors.

Victoria and Bobbie Print are just beginning, and will continue to put the skills Victoria learned first at Academy Class into practice everyday using Adobe Illustrator; where Victoria was able to unleash her creativity.

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