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Sometimes it is good to be Certified!

UK’s leading digital media training company, Academy Class, has some big news around their UX / UI Design – Zero To HERO course.

In this blog:

  • The British Computing Society has accredited the Academy Class.
  • Academy Class is therefore one of only two institutions that are accredited by them.
  • The course that is associated with this accreditation is the UX / UI Design – Zero To HERO Course

The UK’s premier digital media training company, Academy Class, is excited to announce that they are one of the few UK providers who can deliver the UX / UI Design – Zero To HERO course with accreditation from the British Computing Society.

“This is a big step forward for Academy Class. Having recognition from the British Computing Society is great recognition for the quality of the courses that we provide,” said Academy Class owner Mark Young.

“Through our certification, we set best practice and continue to raise the standards of professionalism in IT . Individuals come to us to validate knowledge, develop capability, and to progress their careers. Employers work with us to drive greater business value from their IT people,” says the British Computing Society (BCS).

“Our extensive certification portfolio and diverse training provider network are helping us steer the growth of the global IT profession.  Accredited companies are aligned with our global brand and to deliver first class IT certification and valuable career development opportunities for their customers,” the BCS says.

The Chartered Institute for IT is well known for setting best practices within the IT industry and this type of innovation is what constantly sets BCR Partners as the leaders in their respective categories. Much like Academy Class, BCS is about validating and growing knowledge, develop capabilities and generating progressive careers.

User experience should be a top priority when designing a website or an app.

If you you are a design practitioner, developer, product manager, marketer, usability professional, or decision-maker who wants to take their skills to the next level the the UX / UI Design – Zero To HERO Course is your latest ally.

The goal of this course is to guide you through the most essential UX tools and processes as user research, personas, wireframe and clickable prototypes and build amazing and useful user experiences in fast growing digital market.

This User Experience course based on The BCS Foundation provides the well structured pathway for UX students  to demonstrate their skills and increase their careers in User Experience. After this course you will be able confidently manage UX processes by proven user  centred design framework which is based on the usability standard ISO 9241-210. This standard encapsulates best practice based on BCS  (The independent certifying organisation The Chartered Institute for IT ). ISO 9241-210 has been debated by a team of international experts  and that sets out the fundamental competencies of UX field. In this course you will gain competitive experiences with the various question types that will come up  in the exam of BCS Foundation.

But what does an BCS Accreditation mean for you?

BCS accreditation signifies our ability to deliver appropriate syllabuses using competent tutors and comprehensive materials, all in an effective learning environment. This means that as a student, you are guaranteed to have only the most up to date learning material, qualified lecturers and therefore the best chance of using your qualification to build a successful career.

And why is user experience so important?

When customers come to your website you have seconds to convince them to stay. “Investing in great user experience optimization is essential for swiftly gaining trust, brand recognition and user retention,” advises Mark.

User experience design is the development of enhancing user approval on websites and apps by improving usability, accessibility and satisfaction during customer interaction. It has to be an integral part of the design process from early concepts to the final product.

“If your end user doesn’t know how to interact with it, then it won’t matter what your website or app looks like. Additionally they need to enjoy that interaction,” says Mark.

With this course you will walk away with not only a certification and supporting material, but with knowledge that will give you an all important competitive edge over others in your industry.


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