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Business January Blues

If, like millions of other folk, January is a painful month for you then the good news is that it’s behind us and we’re moving into that fantastic time just before spring when all around us we see signs of newness.

New green shoots of daffodils and snowdrops are just popping up from the ground and birds are all beginning to get more active, this is due, not of course to any movement in temperature, it’s totally freezing outside as I’m writing this article, but actually to the increase in day length, we are getting a few minutes extra of light every day and with each new days few minutes we can be more active in whatever we do in our businesses!

Staff tend to increase productivity because they start throwing off the blues of winter and dark nights and more importantly customers will start to think ahead about projects they might need your help with.

Whatever your business is and whoever your customers are now is the time to take them out of the market ! Now is the time to plan ahead and capitalise on the newly emerging feel good factor because of you miss the next 4 weeks you could be paying for it for the rest of the year and playing catch up to your competitors who did catch the wave!

The surest way to banish the blues and keep them away is to learn new skills.

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