Adobe has just released an update to Captivate 7. The update 7.0.1 brings support for Apple’s new operating system: Mavericks (10.9) so Apple users can now use Captivate 7 on their machines as well as support for Windows 8.1.

The update also brings many new features too. Lets take a quick preview at some of the new features:


The Swatches panel is new and you will find it in the panels on the right-side of Captivate or by going to Windows > Swatches. Swatches are saved colours and provide a convenient way of using the same colours between applications and within projects for consistency. The Swatches panel allows you to Load in swatches created in programs such as Photoshop or Kuler, as well as Save, Reset, Append and Clear swatches directly in Captivate.


Toggling allows you to turn an item on or off, as many times as you like, just like a light switch. Although this was possible before using conditional actions, it is now a lot easier using the new Toggle action. Great for hiding and showing items such the play bar and closed captioning. The Toggle Action is available in the Advanced Actions menu and the Property Inspector.

Lock and edit

Locking objects has always meant that the object is completely locked down, so no editing, moving or resizing the object. But with this update we can lock the position and size of a shape but still edit other attributes of the object. Click once on the lock (indicated in red below) to lock just the position and size of the object.

The lock will then show you a blue padlock (see below).

To completely lock the object, click the blue padlock and the padlock will go black.

Copy slides and actions

A question that I always get asked during one of my captivate courses is if you copy a slide will it copy the actions, advanced actions and shared actions applied to the slide to – now finally I can say, yes. In the past it didn’t, which meant that you might have to create all your actions from scratch in a new project. Simply copy your slides and paste them in a new project, as simple as that.

And there is more

There is indeed many more features, here is a quick list of some of the other features in this new update:

New variables

Mobile support for iOS 7.03 and Android 4.2 and later

Star Smart shape

Improvements for working with Conditional Actions

Bye for now

So a pretty good update for Captivate 7 users. As aways keep on checking out this blog for new updates and tutorials.