Top Graphic Designer Careers for 2022

Are you looking to pursue a career in design? If you take a good look around you, graphic design is everywhere. Graphic designers help bring messages across and influence how consumers see a brand or products using illustrations, photos, fonts, and most importantly, COLOUR. What is the role of a Graphic Designer? Graphic designers are […]

Affinity Designer vs Illustrator: Which is the best program for you?

On the designer’s menu today are the two delectable design programs, we will be comparing Affinity Designer vs Illustrator. (Cue mouth-watering). On this menu, we’ve been served two powerful vector-based programs featuring great tools and strong user interfaces; each for creating final professional designs and making the selection all the more challenging! But at the […]

An Affinity Software Love Affair: Let’s Count the Ways!

If you’re new to the Affinity party, welcome! May we ask, what took you so long?! Before we begin counting the ways we love this software, let’s get the introductions out of the way. Meet the Affinity software package including its three members of Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher. Affinity Designer was the […]