Top Careers For Creatives In 2022

careers 2022

Careers in the creative industry will continue to be in demand in 2022. This is because it has flexible working hours, high salary potential, and a diverse work environment. Technology is advancing rapidly – you have probably heard of the fourth revolution (because you are so on trend, naturally), and it is this rapid advancement […]

Your Guide To Become A Unity Developer

Have you ever wondered how game developers create their games? Are you interested in learning game development or how to become a Unity developer? Look no further! We will be taking a look at a lot of different topics related to game development today. In this article, however, we will only be focusing on one […]

What Is An Adobe Certified Professional (ACP) Certificate?

An Adobe Certified Professional (ACP) is a professional with expertise in Adobe’s industry-leading Creative Cloud applications for video, design, photography, and web development. For students who want to succeed in the high-demand areas of digital communication and media, the ACA is a prerequisite qualification. This qualification gives students and workers a distinct advantage. Why Did […]

How To Create Different Types Of Gradients In Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator Gradient

Gradients are gradations of colours, tints, or shades of the same colour. By using gradients in your artwork, you can blend colours or add volume and light to vector objects. By using the Gradient tool, the Gradient panel, or the Control panel, you can create, apply, and modify gradients in Adobe Illustrator. Different Types Of […]

What Is AutoCAD? [WATCH]

No one can pinpoint the actual pioneer of Computer Aided Design, but AutoCAD is by far the most popular, making it the undisputed reference for architects and engineers, along with many other programs from Autodesk. What Is The Meaning Of AutoCAD? If you are asking “what is AutoCAD?” then you should know that it stands […]

How To Become An Animator

The world of animation can be an exciting career choice for those looking to make a hobby a career. Animation might just be the perfect career path for someone who enjoys the arts and wants a fulfilling career. The animator training requirements for various industries will vary according to their software programs and techniques. It […]

Dark Mode In UI Design Is On The Rise

What is your preferred mode, dark or light? Most people use the dark mode exclusively, and the option is available on almost all apps and digital platforms. Dark mode is just better (sorry light mode supporters, you’re wrong). Despite the rise of dark mode, some still resist it. And why do so many people consider […]

Top Graphic Designer Careers for 2022

Are you looking to pursue a career in design? If you take a good look around you, graphic design is everywhere. Graphic designers help bring messages across and influence how consumers see a brand or products using illustrations, photos, fonts, and most importantly, COLOUR. What is the role of a Graphic Designer? Graphic designers are […]

Affinity Designer vs Illustrator: Which is the best program for you?

On the designer’s menu today are the two delectable design programs, we will be comparing Affinity Designer vs Illustrator. (Cue mouth-watering). On this menu, we’ve been served two powerful vector-based programs featuring great tools and strong user interfaces; each for creating final professional designs and making the selection all the more challenging! But at the […]

What’s to love about the new Ableton 11 and Logic Pro X courses at Academy Class

Producing Music with Ableton

Calling all musicians, songwriters, producers and DJs – we know you love Ableton and Logic Pro X; but have you heard about some of their EPIC latest version features? Become a master of sound and these drool-inducing software products offered in our audiovisual courses. Here’s what we love about the latest Ableton 11 and Logic […]