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Cleanup in Adobe Illustrator

Have you ever had any of the following niggling problems in Adobe Illustrator?

  • Can’t connect to an existing path
  • Stray points – single anchor points in your document, perhaps after using the Scissor Tool
  • Unpainted objects – you find objects that contain no fill and stroke
  • Empty text objects – text objects that contain no text

If you have found any of the above issues then it’s perhaps time to clean up your artwork.

Go to Object > Path > Clean Up…

You will be presented with the above Clean Up… panel. By default, all three options will be selected and in most cases it is best to leave them selected too. Click OK to run the clean up feature.

If Illustrator finds nothing to clean up you will see the following dialog panel:

If the above panel doesn’t appear then Illustrator found something to clean up, and deleted it for you. Hopefully, your problem has gone away.

Next time you get a niggling problem, give the above a go.