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Why Corporate Training is Vital to Your Success

Employees are a company’s biggest asset, and investing in talent is vital to sustainable business growth and success. Workgroups that engaged in employee development experienced a sales increase and profits double compared to workgroups that didn’t engage at all, according to a study conducted by Gallup.

If you are wondering if investing in equipment would be better spent, look at these statistics in a study conducted by the National Center on the Educational Quality of the Workforce (EQW), increases in workforce education level were far more effective at increasing productivity than increases in the value of the equipment.

While a company can (and will) go through the painstaking process of interviewing and coming through many prospective employees to find an individual who is up to the task of occupying a space in their bigger picture, this is generally where the caring stops.

Companies, especially large corporations, want an individual to step through the door on their first day and know it all. Generally, this is not the case. An employee could have many years of experience and degrees, but that does guarantee that they have up-to-date knowledge.

Without up-to-date training, an employee will lack the necessary knowledge to best perform in a company. Within the world of any shape or form of design and development, things change and improve by the minute and if you as a company fail to keep your employees as adequately trained as your top competitors do, they will underperform.

Change is inevitable (it is the only constant, as the philosophers say!) and change happens for a reason. When new trends arise or techniques emerge, they do so because more often than not, they are more efficient and effective than their predecessors.

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.”

– Richard Branson

Team Training – Invest in Excellence

By offering continuous learning for your employees, you are making an investment in excellence – for your employees and for your business.

Quality over quantity is definitely the way to go! It is far better to have a few quality staff who elevate the quality of the products/services that your company provides to outshine competitors than have a massive quantity of staff whose skills just aren’t up to par.

William Gets, the founder of Brainstorm Strategic Marketing, said, “Many years ago, I did some consulting work in a London company that had a singular task: to produce internal promotional banners on a large supermarket’s website. As expected, errors on the banners, like grammar errors, were an absolute no-no. But in the end, they had a team of about 30 people managing the process! I was looking at this and thinking that I could have done this with a team of five quality people…”

If you focus on interactive training and the development of employee skills, your employees will become more effective workers – allowing you to benefit from higher profits, and a more independent and experienced workforce.

Create irreplaceable employees and foster growth

The end goal of every business, big or small, should be to have (and retain) employees that know your business, that know your goals, know your clients and have the skills to carry out their daily tasks in the best, most efficient way.

Foster Innovation

When individuals learn, they grow. No matter their age or background, when knowledge is given to employees, the passion they once felt is reignited.

If you provide your employees with the tools and knowledge on how to most effectively utilise those tools, their ideas will become actions. There is no limit to the wealth of information and creativity that can be unlocked.

Keeps the Company Relevant

When learning and exploration are encouraged, it is inevitable that new and better ways of performing will be discovered. This keeps your company relevant.

Adobe and Autodesk Team Training Solutions

We Offer the Perfect Training Solutions Tailored to Your Needs:

Academy Class’ Corporate Training Vouchers are a flexible, cost-effective solution for training multiple individuals within a team or across an organisation and allow any member within your organisation to book a public scheduled training course anytime over an 18-month period.

By booking 20 day or more training blocks from the Academy Class public course schedule, multiple users can make dramatic savings. It’s up to you how many Academy Class Vouchers you purchase. We will work with you to identify training needs using our free online skills assessment surveys, and then put together the most efficient training programme for you for the best return on your investment.

Included with your voucher investment are:

  • No timescale on free re-sits
  • Free exam re-sit
  • Vouchers can be used for exams
  • Vouchers can be used for bespoke training (no cancellations allowed within 10 days of course start)
  • No cancellation timescale or financial penalties (unless vouchers used for bespoke service)
  • Electronic course notes
  • 6 months of technical email support
  • Vouchers valid for 18 months
  • Free skills assessment
  • Video tutorials
  • Price guarantee

What ACCL Vouchers Offer You:

How The Vouchers Work:

  • You estimate the annual number of courses your team or organisation requires – our training advisor experts will assist you with this.
  • You purchase a block of Academy Class Vouchers equivalent to the annual number of courses you require. (The volume discount on the standard course fee is determined by the number of Vouchers purchased.)
  • Academy Class assigns a specific number to your block of Academy Class Vouchers which you then use at your convenience over the next 18 months.