Learning Paths

Creative Class Meet Up, March 28th

March’s presentations are pretty exciting!!!

The first topic is:

UX and Analytics, how can both improve your conversion?

Chris Donnelly, Managing Director of Verb Brands will give a talk on how combining Google Analytics results with an improved website design can lead you to optimise the performance of your website. The talk will include real case studies and examples of which tools can we use to achieve our website goals and improve conversion rates.

And then after that, Deborah Gruenberger will present:

Designing Infographics that stand out

As more and more companies turn to the use of Infographics to display their data, making yours look sleek and visually exciting is key.

In this demo full of tips and tricks, we will go beyond the basics of Illustrator to create interesting icons, bar charts, pie charts and more. We will have a look at the book “information is beautiful” and will discuss how some of those graphics were created.

Deborah has been working in the graphic design industry since 1996 and has been a software trainer since 1999. After receiving her BA from F.I.T., an art school in New York City, she first started her career in a small design studio. She then went on to freelance for NY based companies such as Reebock Sports Club, Rolling Stone magazine, American Express, Saatchi and Saatchi, the NFL and many more.

After moving to London in 2001, Deborah started her own design business where she spends about 50% of her time software training and the other 50% creating corporate

Save the date, March 28th at 6:30

We are already excited to meet you. Be there!