Designers on Brand at the Designers Fiesta

A good, clean brand hugely improves a company‘s positioning in the market, stimulating campaigns with distinctly congruent and incisive messages to clients about luxury, quality or value. It‘s critical to the process of capturing the attention of clients to generate affiliation, even affection to the product or service.

But where do we start? Mellisa Love, one of the Designers Fiesta speakers, shares her vision:

melissalove“My niche is photographers. I began by designing a photography website for an old friend and after several referrals, I began to network with influencers in that field. I found that my reputation grew quickly through word of mouth. I began speaking at photography-related events and functions and now I am involved with photography organisations all over the world.”

Brand is all about identity and creating a distinct personality.

Mellisa says, “I’ve also become a keen photographer and I’m able to reassure my clients that I understand their craft and know what I’m talking about.”

At the Designers Fiesta, Melissa’s seminar, “Market Your Design Business to a Niche Sector and Build a Six Figure Income” demonstrates how you can stand out in the market.

In these competitive times, passion and differentiation in branding is key to becoming more appealing to your target audience.

andreaAnother of the speakers at the Designers Fiesta, Andreea Niculae, will be talking about how to “Discover your inner designer and market it.”

She says, “It’s always important to know your audience, and to be happy being different.”

Deep involvement, understanding your niche market and standing out from the crowd are just some of the secrets to be shared by the Designers Fiesta speakers.

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