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Designer’s Fiesta 2014 rocked London once again!

Academy Class’ Designer’s Fiesta rocked the heart of London this September 12, attracting more than 250 Creatives and Developers, over 20 leading industry influencers and delivering more than 30 sessions on the hottest topics in design, web development, user experience, freelancing, app development and more!

Designer's Fiesta/Academy Class
Designer’s Fiesta

The day started with a presentation by Rupert Knowles of Adobe where he demonstrated the latest capabilities of Adobe Creative Cloud. From then on it was go go go, with 5 presentation streams happening simultaneously!

There wasn’t a moment to waste; each presentation was standing room only and our presenters were rock-stars for a day. The only time there was a lull was when lunchtime arrived and for about 30 minutes everyone there had a bit of a break. Following that it was back in action for another round of presentations taking us up to the 5pm close.

Designer's Fiesta
Designer’s Fiesta presentation

There was a lot going on, especially with 5 talks running at the same time. The sessions were recorded though and the presentations will make their way onto our YouTube channel soon!

But don’t just take our word for it! Many of our attendees were only too happy to give their views to the camera, and you will be able to view these in the coming weeks.

As a sponsor of Designer’s Fiesta, Adobe was thrilled to reward one participant from the event with Adobe Creative Cloud license.

A digital design intern, Jamie Millman, working at Net Natives digital advertising agency, was the lucky one. Jamie was thrilled to win the Adobe Creative Cloud. His day to day activities involve him designing and developing applications for clients, so he has to use Adobe Photoshop CS5. Now being able to use the Adobe Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC will greatly improve his working abilities, he said.

“All of us from Net Natives that attended Designer’s Fiesta had a wonderful time,” Jamie said, “the sessions that I attended were very informative and interesting. My personal favourite was ‘The holy grail of Photoshop selections’ by Martin Perhiniak, although all of his sessions were very impressive that was my favourite. If you haven’t been to Designer’s Fiesta you should check it out!”

Designer's Fiesta
Designer’s Fiesta

Even though the event finished around 5 PM, Designer’s Fiesta organisers – Academy Class – promised a party and they kept the promise. We all moved from the event to a more ‘party friendly’ venue, where our most enthusiastic attendees had a chance to drink, chat and network with other creatives, speakers and us, the organisers.

Academy Class wants to thank the all attendees and presenters for coming to the event, as it was only with your help that we managed to make Designer’s Fiesta 2014 the best Fiesta so far!

We hope to see all of you again at Designer’s Fiesta 2015!

For those of you who attended, we will be asking for your feedback via an online survey coming to you soon. In fact if you have some suggestions as to what you would like to see next year please let us know.

Whilst Designers Fiesta focuses on creative development across all media, we are now planning our next event Production Fiesta, which will look at the hot topics, developments and applications used in the world of TV, film and digital media. If you wish to find out more please email training@academyclass.com