Designer’s Fiesta 4 makes it’s way into course content this Summer

Things are hotting up in preparation for the Designer’s Fiesta 4 – and some of the promotional material is being published now. As we move towards our new integrated curriculum we are involving real-world examples in our training classes, and this week saw our HTML Email class recreating one of the email drafts that will be used during the run-up to the event in September.

Our learners really loved that they were working on something that is based on an actual, live project and this only excites us more about what we have coming in the near future. We believe we are the only UK training company to be taking this approach and it is an exciting time for us all – it does mean that we have to think “could that be included in a course” all the time as part of the design process, but that’s what will make it so valuable for our delegates, the real-world context.

By means of example – in addition to the HTML Email course, the graphics for the Designer’s Fiesta material are all capable of being produced and used at the 201 level in Illustrator (as an Illustration) and used in the 101 level of InDesign (flyer/postcard) as well as in After Effects courses (promo/ident). The stuff you work on as projects in all of our courses will be based on this real-world you’ve-actually-seen-this-used-and-here’s-how-we-did-it approach – you’ll hear more about our course development towards the end of Summer – groovy times!

Designer’s Fiesta 4 will be officially announced w/c 8th July 2013 – check out for more information.