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Fashion and Adobe Illustrator at Designers Fiesta

Every industry uses Adobe programmes differently.  You might have used Illustrator as a graphic designer to draw logos, icons and simple graphics, but have you ever wondered how the fashion industry uses this programme?  From laces to trims, necklaces to patterns, and of course clothes, have been designed with the aid of Adobe Illustator.

Deborah Gruenberger, one of the speakers at Designers Fiesta, gives her insight into how fashion designers use Adobe Illustrator:

“While fashion, accessories and textile designers are trained to sketch their ideas by hand, most fashion houses now use Adobe Illustrator because it makes it easy to adapt designs. You can quickly change the pattern or colour on a dress, add a trim to a shoe or a stitching detail to a handbag. The resulting files are scalable vector and small in size, making them the ideal format to send to production teams and factories abroad.”

Designers Fiesta is the place where key speakers and international instructors from print, web, video and new media workflows meet together. Two sessions are devoted to Adobe Illustrator are:

  • Deborah Gruenberger’s “How Fashion and Accessories designers use Illustrator”
  • Martin Perhiniak’s “Learn to draw anything in Illustrator”

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