Ensure your business maximises the potential of the internet

Ensure your business maximises the potential of the internet every single day and becomes the online marketing professional you need to be with UK-based Academy Class’ industry leading digital marketing courses.

Digital marketing specialists are now one of the most sought-after positions by organisations across the board as everyone is looking to grow their online presence in an ever-changing marketing and advertising world.

Academy Class, the UK’s leading digital media training company, can ensure that you become an expert in all areas of digital marketing including content marketing, SEO works, online marketing, writing and video content, social media Zero to Hero Course and upgrades as well as all of the other skills you need to have the edge for your business.

“Digital marketing is so crucial these days for brand awareness,” says Academy Class owner Mark Young.

“However, many professionals are not quite capable yet of harnessing the power of new digital media and how it will generate both impactful customer engagement and personal, measurable and immediate results,” Mark adds.

All Digital Marketing training is taught by industry-experienced instructors who aim to make sure you learn everything needed to put your new skills into practice in the workplace.

Academy Class’ Social Media Zero to Hero course is rated 5 stars by previous clients and promises a certification Perfect for Corporate marketing managers and directors, business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketers.

Another premier course applicable for professionals wanting to discover their creative edge in digital marketing is the ‘Upgrade your marketing’ course which teaches you to think differently. “Academy Class will not only help your approach towards digital marketing change but also realise your results”, says one SEO expert.

Mastering the most valuable digital marketing skills such as target marketing, re-evaluation of market models and demographics, key online and offline marketing weapons, strategy and planning templates, competition trends along with customer retention tips will make you in demand for any business looking to improve their current online position.

“At Academy Class upgrading your marketing is not just a phrase it also comes down to action. The implementation of content,  both online and offline, as well as the creative and informative balance of media messages  are part of what you will learn,” Mark explains.

Now is the time for professionals to unleash their creativity and become the sought-after digital marketing expert organisations are demanding. Academy Class can get you there and make sure that you are maximising not only the enormity of the internet but also your own potential.


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