Find Just About Anything in Dreamweaver

Quick Dreamweaver Tip: Find

When you’re working with large sites and an array of related files, such as on WordPress installations, a tiny little Dreamweaver feature can save you tons of time – the find field at the top of the files panel. Not only will it find files for you but you can search for strings inside of those files!

I frequently work with WordPress and repurpose out-of-the-box themes. An essential tool for me are the Developer Tools in Chrome, which allow me to navigate the DOM, highlight elements and see the CSS rules that give them their appearance. Finding the CSS rule is easy – as the Developer Tools show the stylesheet being used and the line number of the rule I’m interested in.

Sometimes certain plugins bring with them their own stylesheets, so if I don’t recognise the name, in Dreamweaver I simply type it into the search field and DW finds it for me! Then once it’s open I just use the cmd-comma shortcut (opens the go-to-line dialog) type the line number, hit return and I’m exactly where I need to be.