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Academy Class’ delegate took Creative Skillset funded training opportunity to upgrade his skills in Adobe After Effects he is using on a daily basis and reduced his training budget by half.

Steve Groves, an employee from Take One Business Communications Ltd., was looking to improve his skills with Adobe After Effects. The challenge Steve came across in his day-to-day job was not knowing certain ways and techniques that would allow him to improve the quality of his work.

“I had been primarily self-taught, so I wanted to plug some holes in my knowledge and learn some new techniques. There were a few things with After Effects that I did not know how to do, such as bending motions paths and 3D camera tracking.” Steve explained. Mr. Groves implied that by learning how to do these things would improve his quality of work.

Although Steve Groves was approached by Academy Class’ training consultant by chance, he was offered the perfect solution to resolve his problem with lacking knowledge in Adobe After Effects software.

Not so long ago Academy Class was chosen as one of the training providers for Creative Skillset Organisation – a UK’s government body that offers pound for pound training for employees in VFX, Animation, Post-Production and Games industries. This means that Academy Class has a wide range of training courses that are a subject to being 50% funded by the UK’s government.

As Steve Groves was an employee in the creative industries, Academy Class offered a full range of Adobe After Effects training courses with the possibility to get half the budget funded by the government.

After analyzing the needs of Mr. Groves, After Effects Intermediate Course – an intermediate course level – was chosen as the best option. “Being self-taught, I felt that the After Effects Beginner course would be too basic, and the Advanced Course would focus on areas I had no experience in. The Adobe After Effects Intermediate Course seemed to be the best fit for my skill level.” the delegate explained.

Steve also told us that although he thought the application for the Creative Skillset funding was a little long-winded and that he believed that this process could have been somewhat streamlined, in general he was pleased with the decision.

“I chose Academy Class because the available courses seemed useful, and the subsidy was a great incentive to take the plunge with some training.” Steve said. He also added that the training was exactly what he hoped it would be and that it covered the topics he needed to learn.

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The Adobe After Effects Intermediate Course training course was conducted by Mátyás Meichl, who has more than 15 years of experience with print and interactive design.

As an Adobe Certified print, video and web professional, he assisted in the publishing of over a 1000 digital publications using Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite and has extensive knowledge of the app building process. Mátyás also creates rapid prototypes for concept and UI testing and supervises iOS and Android app development for one of Europe’s largest publishing company. He has taught professionals from all around the world, including the UK and had the pleasure of advising people from BBC and Sky.

Mátyás Meichl was definitely the right person to train from as the client was satisfied with him. “Mátyás was very knowledgeable and friendly. He was happy to answer questions or go back over topics again if any of the delegates had missed something, and made sure that everyone was happy with the current topic before continuing.”

When we asked Steve if his problem in lacking knowledge with Adobe After Effects was solved, he approved and stated that he definitely improved his skills.  “The training covered many topics that I hoped to learn more about, and more besides. I will use the skills I learned to improve the motion graphics and effects content I produce for our videos.” Steve said.

Mr. Groves said he would recommend both, training at Academy Class and using the Creative Skillset funding to reduce costs and improve the skills needed. “I’d recommend Academy Class training and I think the funding is an excellent idea and it is a great way to encourage people to invest in some training.” he implied.

Find out how you can benefit from training funding.

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