Genius is 20% Inspiration and 80% Perspiration.

Illustrator example
It’s what you do with what we show you that counts

So here is an image created by a Delegate on last weeks Illustrator 201 course in Glasgow, his name if you’re not sure is Conor (one N).

Now the reason I wanted to show it to you all is because its a great example of what can’t be added by me during the course. What Conor learned here was: Create and format text and then to turn it into an editable Path; Warp the image using an Envelope Mesh; Create random patterns across the “text” and expand that into smaller paths: Colour these smaller jigsaw like pieces of the image using the Live Paint effect and then creating a Custom Brush that creates the effect of running drops of liquid that can be coloured and sized with ease.

I achieved my target of getting Conor to understand and implement all these tools and techniques to create this image. What I didn’t do was to add that touch of vision and creativity that made Conor add clever details and embellishments such as the little Oval pools of colour gathering under the paint drops (how to make these we had covered earlier) and the splashes of paint drops flying out from the C and the R.

It’s that last 10-15% that comes from the delegates vision that really makes what we do at Academy Class so much fun. So if you have a creative little daemon bursting to get out of you why not talk to us about a course. We will take you to the water and you can drink and together we can do some great things.