Importing multiple resources into Adobe Captivate

When you need to import multiple images into a captivate project, selecting Media, then Image (see below) can soon become a tedious task as it only allows you to import one image at a time.

Fortunately, the Import button in the Library provides a quick way of importing multiple resources such as images, audio files and animations quickly into a project. The Library is a storage area for your resources, it even organises the different resources such as audio, images and media into folders automatically, so making them easy to find. Lets see how this is done and how to use the resources once in the Library.

The Library can normally be found on the right-hand side of the application, but if it is not there, go to Window Library. With the Library open, clicking on the Import button (highlighted in red below) will allow you to select multiple resources, and different types of resources all in one go.

Once the resources are in the Library they can be selected and dragged out of the Library onto the relevant slide. The resources still remain in the Library and can be reused as many times as you like on different slides.

The Library also functions as a resource management system providing you with the following information:

Name: the name of the resource such as logo.jpg
Size: the file size in kilobytes
Use Count: how many times the resource has been used in the project
Date Modified: the date when the resource was last modified/updated

To see all the options, you might need to stretch out the Library panel, by dragging on its left edge.

The two I find the most useful are Size and Use Count.

The Size column is useful for finding resources that are unnecessarily large in file size, which will make a Captivate project and published file bigger than necessary.

The Use Count is useful for finding resources that I haven’t used in the project. Removing them will keep the Captivate project file size down. So at the end of a project, to quickly select all the resources you haven’t used you can click on the Select Unused Items button (highlighted in red below), then press Delete.

So if you are lucky enough to have some of your resources ready when you are starting a captivate project, do yourself a favour and important them all in one go.


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