Improved training opportunities = Improved personal life + work

Whilst it is a given in most instances that you can train your way to success in your professional life  actually the key to a successful life is to find a perfect balance. The way to that perfect balance is to plan ahead.

It’s true to say we live in a crazy, mad, busy world ……

Whilst opportunities present themselves every day for furthering yourself through training, it’s fact that the real successes are achieved when you plan. Our days are taken up with the “stuff” we have to do in order to get through the day and it’s that stuff I want to bring to your attention.

Most of us know we are doing it and most of us, when the day draws to a close, will quite literally sit down and ask ourselves or others around us in complete wonder ” where has today gone” after having achieved nothing.

Actually most of the time we know perfectly well where the day has gone, we have in fact frittered away a valuable day of our lives, which incidentally we will never get back, doing tons of “stuff” but achieving very little or nothing at all.

We do this because being busy gives us the excuse not to actually try and move forward with our lives and achieve our true potential, being “busy” is the perfect safe cover and gives us the psychological excuse for staying in non challenging situations ( comfort zones).

In order to be a success in our own businesses we need to PREPARE for each day and this means taking a few minutes each evening to plan our activities and training the following day in order to stop it from meandering along like a sluggish summer river without any aim.

Today’s lesson …. PLAN IT , WRITE IT DOWN, EXECUTE IT …..

Do this every day for a week and then every week for a month and just see what you have achieved !

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