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Adobe Indesign: Creating Grid Guides

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Here’s a quick guide to producing grids in Adobe InDesign to help aid you in your layout design of a page.

1) First open up a new document. Select A4 as the Page Size and set the Margins to all 10mm.


2) When the page is displayed, go to the top menu and select Layout > Create Guides…


3) On the Create Guides window, type 14 for Number and 0mm for Gutter under Rows and 10 for Number and 0mm for Gutter under Column. Fit Guides to Margins and tick Preview to see the results behind. Press OK.


4) The results should be a 14 x 10 grid inside the margins of the page.


Now you’ve seen how it’s done, experiment with these and options to get a good idea of the possibilities of different grid systems that you can use as your layout guides.

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