Industry experts will gather to inspire creatives at Designers Fiesta 2016

The creative world is full of aspiring designers, artists and writers, eager to enhance their skills in order to create truly spectacular pieces of work. And one of the things ambitious creatives love about the world is the freedom to bounce ideas off one another while learning new hints and tips to ignite their creations.  And learning and networking events are integral to that.

Academy Class, the UK’s finest new media training provider, is set to bring a whole host of experts to the hottest design event on the calendar this September 16. Specifically tailored to meet the needs of designers and developers, the seventh Designers Fiesta will take place in one of London’s most creative areas, inspiring those working within new media, while offering them invaluable hints and tips from some of the cream of the designer crop.

Paul Thompson, Rob Edwards, Mellisa Love, Conrad Taylor and Emma Sexton are just some of the top names on the roster set to run interactive workshops. Joined by a whole host of other experts, including some of Academy Class’ most well-known tutors, each speaker will draw upon their own knowledge and experience working within the creative world. Each providing a unique learning opportunity for attendees, the workshops will offer guidance around the some of the industry’s hottest topics such as 3D animation, HTML banner advertising, animated pictures, stealth design and graphics.

Mark Young, Director of Academy Class said, “The Designer’s Fiesta is a wonderful event, bringing together some of the brightest stars in the creative industry. We are very excited to have such an incredible line-up of speakers this year, and know they will draw on their many years of experience to deliver tangible insight as well as invaluable hints and tips that will leave attendees feeling inspired, armed with the skills need to continue – or commence – their creative journey.”

The Fiesta will also have a strong emphasis on small business and start-ups aimed at providing ambitious attendees with tried and tested tips for taking a business forward. Workshops such as ‘How to build your reputation as a small business owner’, ‘Working as a one-man-band filmmaker’ and ‘Market your design business to a niche sector and build a six-figure income’ will arm some of the increasing number of UK-based entrepreneurs with the skills needed to success in the ever-competitive business world.

Other workshops include ‘How fashion and accessory designers use Illustrator’, ‘How to write the perfect brief and deliver’, ‘After Effects for motion graphics’ and ‘A guide to front-end code and how to make a WordPress theme’.

Designer’s Fiesta will take place on Friday 16th of September at the Hackney Picturehouse in London between 9am and 5pm. Featuring 24 talks in four screens, the creative event will bring together around 300 individuals working in creative roles – either for companies or for themselves.

For more information about Designer’s Fiesta and to purchase tickets, visit the event website.

To find out more about Academy Class, and the new media courses they offer, visit the website.

The following is a comprehensive list of all the sessions set to ignite the creative juices of some of the most talented up and coming designers and media influencers:

  • Animated photos – Mark Gatter
  • How fashion and accessories designers use Illustrator – Deborah Gruenberger
  • How to build your reputation as a small business owner – Alexis Liming
  • How to write the perfect brief and deliver – Michael Murdoch
  • Working as a one-man-band filmmaker – George MacCallum
  • Learn to draw anything in Illustrator – Martin Perhiniak
  • UX – creative challenge – Chakib Labidi
  • After Effects for motion graphics – Daniel Walter Scott
  • Stealth Design – How in-house design teams are the new influencers – Emma Sexton
  • Adobe Animate – Mark Gatter
  • Discover your inner designer and market it – Andreea Niculae
  • How to be a street artist – Paul Kemp
  • Market your design business to a niche sector and build a six-figure income – Mellisa Love
  • The world of patterns – Deborah Gruenberger
  • Biggest design pitfalls of 2016 – Rob Edwards
  • Photoshop mastery – Martin Perhiniak
  • Mind over matter: how to transcend awesome – Simon Jack
  • The World of Patterns – Deborah Gruenberger
  • Adobe Animate and HTML5 banner advertising – Daniel Walter Scott
  • Guide to front-end code and how to make a WordPress theme – Simon van Blerk
  • 50 InDesign tips and techniques: Part 2 – Paul Thompson
  • Photoshop Mastery – Martin Perhiniak
  • Philosophy of Design: real problem solving, not just decorative art – Conrad Taylor
  • Mind over Matter: How to Transcend Awesome – Simon Jack

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