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Meet the “Unreal Engine 4”, a secret ingredient within the marvellous success of “Unreal Tournament” competition, “Ancestry”, “Real Boxing”, “Loading human” and other games.

Even if you still prefer work on a game engine like “Unity 5” by “Unity Technologies” or “Cry Engine 3” by “Crytek” you will not be able to resist to perfection of “Unreal Engine 4” created by “Epic games” just after first fling with its highly developed graphics.

“Unreal Engine 4” is a first-class choice for both: newcomers to the market and veterans of the game development. Learn how “Unreal Engine 4” can help you to bring your digital idea to the next level in official “Unreal Engine” blog here and on our video tutorials here.

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According to Mark Rein, vice president of “Epic Games”, brand new “Unreal Engine 4” was being developed from 2003. Firstly it was exposed to a limited audience in “Game Developers Conference” of 2012 (GDC) and released to the public in March of 2014. One of the most enviable features of “Unreal Engine 4” is the improvement which enables to change C++ code even when the engine is still running.

Blueprints are visually scripted additions to your game, which connects nodes, events, functions, and variables with wires and allows forming complex elements of the gameplay. New visual scripting system “Blueprint” allows rapid development of the logics of the game without a usage of C++ and is able to search and eliminate the errors in real time. It empowers to foresee current results and to manage the product in a shorter period of time. What a thoughtful surprise, isn’t it?

“Unreal Engine 4” fits for PC, Mac, and Android users. You can use it by attractive price and a percentage of any kind of profit gained from products created with this engine. Moreover, “Epic Games” has launched its “Unreal Engine Marketplace” – online platform which allows buying and selling the products, created by the public and the models, maps, textures with already written codes and instructions for future self-learning with “Unreal Engine 4”. Don`t forget, authorized Academy Class instructors are ready to guide you through this process.

Earlier this year, “Epic Games” has live streamed their “State of Unreal: Epic Games Opening Session” on GDC. After the release of a new version of the engine, the company announced about a new subscription model and even the dropping of subscriptions for a free version. The news was the most anticipated event in the games industry so far. During whole GDC, “Epic Games” run sessions on virtual reality, the new “Vulkan API”, and upcoming gameplay “MOBA Paragon” as a cherry on top.

Can`t wait to get engaged? Stay tuned here and check “Unreal Engine 4” Infiltrator demo here.

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