IT Certification More Important Than Ever As New Graduates Prepare to Enter Job Market

With millions of students about to graduate from university, digital media training centre Academy Class has issued a reminder of the importance of real world qualifications and IT certification for those battling for a place in the job market. Having recently added two new Adobe exams to its course offerings, the firm, which operates classroom-based learning centres in London, Manchester Glasgow, Newcastle, Cardiff and Birmingham is reporting unprecedented interest from design, publishing and engineering professionals who are using the certifications to shore up their CV and validate their technical and practical expertise in the face of increasingly competitive working environments.

Academy Class has seen an estimated 23% growth in candidates studying and sitting for IT exams while already active in the workplace over the course of the last three years. It cites a growing awareness on the part of employers of the availability of training programmes and formal qualifications, elevating them from a luxury to a necessity and an eagerness on the part of candidates to stand out from the ever-growing crowd.

Exams such as Academy Class’ recently introduced Graphic Design and Illustration using Adobe® Illustrator® and Print and Digital Media Publication using Adobe InDesign® form part of its wider Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) program. Based on Adobe tools, which are deployed extensively in multiple industries, this and other forms of IT certification are a cost-effective and productive way for employees and graduates to prove their skills are up to scratch. For employers, enrolling workers on IT certification courses is a way to ensure that the talent base has the training and education it needs to stay competitive.

Mark Young , Director of Academy Class said, “The years of economic turmoil and a flood of eager, hungry graduates entering the workplace means that IT certifications are now incredibly valuable from a number of viewpoints. It is an interesting divide as new graduates are often already very technically capable but can benefit from a training programme and exam as a bolt on to their degree certificate. It is a means of bridging the gap between the classroom and the office and getting a foot in the door in what is a very competitive industry.

We also get a lot of professionals who have been in their roles for at least a couple of years who aren’t necessarily behind the times when it comes to technology or the software packages they choose to study, but they see the value in formalising their real word experience and keeping a finger of the pulse on the very latest developments. For them IT certification is a way to consolidate their job prospects and accelerate their career path.”

The advantages are not just employee side, with Academy Class also having been contracted to employ in-house training for entire departments by certification-savvy management teams. Bigger brands who operate globally and who interact with other bigger brands see a certified team as a more credible sales prospect – an easy way to win trust and curry favour with other companies.

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