Learning Paths

Learn Adobe After Effects. Curious case of Peter Aves.

Peter Aves was recommended Academy Class in 2008. He had heard that powerful tools like Adobe After Effects could help him immensely and he felt that his knowledge was limited in creating an extensive variety of audio and visual effects.  Peter had nine years of creative industry experience working on leading brands such as Friends Life, Aviva, BBC, and Sony. His employer at the time noticed his potential in visual media and knew from reputation that Academy Class instructors are the best in their field.

peter-avisAfter deploying his new-found skills, Peter decided to break out and become a freelance graphic designer Pete Aves Creative’ in Wilton, where, in the tranquillity of the Wiltshire countryside, he can use his creativity to the full.

He now provides creative marketing to SMEs and start-ups across various business sectors. Peter believes that with the right imagination, motivation, and the right education, everything is possible.

How it all began

First, Peter was sent by his employer to Academy Class for a tailored InDesign course in 2008. The Academy Class Adobe-Certified training courses covered the use of Adobe InDesign for desktop and electronic publishing, including operations typical in producing magazines, newspapers, catalogues, booklets, newsletters, brochures, reports, and flyers. Academy Class builds Adobe InDesign expertise for its students from the ground up in all the essential features in the software through practical sessions, real-world illustrations and covering indispensable design techniques.

The Academy Class standard enables and prompts clever people to achieve their full potential.

peter-aves6Peter came back to Academy Class in 2012 and successfully completed the After Effects Zero to Hero course. As Adobe After Effects is sophisticated software used for motion graphics manipulation and editing, Academy Class helps students to ‘climb inside’ the product and helps them to feel entirely comfortable about the width and potential of the tools.   Peter remembers the motivation to start taking courses at Academy Class:

“I needed the training to enhance my After Effects knowledge for use at my previous employer. I had been self-taught and my manager at the time recognized that this know-how should be enhanced with a professional course. The courses have beaten all expectations.”

Peter was impressed how fast he was able to absorb the new information and skills and the value of a good teacher.  The Adobe After Effects training courses at Academy Class have been developed to teach all you need to know about visual effects, films, audio, and multimedia. But with Adobe software, there are always new iterations and developments and Academy Class instructors stay on top of every one of them! In broadcasting or if you’re a graphic designer, these courses cover all the techniques you need to significantly improve your command of Adobe After Effects.

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Asked about his experience with his trainers, Peter compliments them:

“They were really insightful, clear, was hugely knowledgeable and set a good pace each day”

petr-aves2The outcome was a solid knowledge-base and improved self-confidence.

After finishing his training at Academy Class, Peter mentioned that he had got absolutely all the knowledge he needed  in using After Effects and is still using his notes from his time on the course:

“I have two notebooks filled with everything I need to know from the course. I always go back to these first, rather than any training books. This is invaluable now that I am self-employed”

Peter explains how training help achieve his goals:

peter-aves7“The self-taught route left me a little lost as to how I was getting from A to B. So the course took me back to the foundations that I required. This was absolutely vital. The training improved the process. I actually knew what I was doing after the course and could take on meaty After Effects projects.”

Now, every day, Peter deploys a wide range of creativity in print, digital, illustration, corporate IDs and motion graphics.

“I am passionate about quality creative design. I believe letting that passion influence you productively and effectively is a sure-fire recipe for success”

If you want to see more of his work, check out Peter’s portfolio here and here.