Learn how Hollywood does color with DaVinci Resolve

Academy Class are proud to announce that we’re an official training partner for Blackmagic Design and DaVinci Resolve

Jason Bourne, Magic Mike XXL and X-Men: Days of Future Past. What do these three Hollywood blockbusters have in common? Well, apart from being box office successes that left audiences delighted, their colorists all used DaVinci Resolve. This software, originally used for color grading, but now a total editing suite, has become the industry standard. Now, thanks to a new partnership between Academy Class and Blackmagic Design, makers of DaVinci Resolve, you can join in the action.


Introducing DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve started life as a high-end color grading tool, but with the 2017 launch of DaVinci Resolve 14, it’s grown into a one-stop shop for film and TV colorists, editors and audio professionals. DaVinci Resolve 14 now contains three industry standard applications, enabling you to switch between an editing suite, color corrector and audio mastering station with one click. Perhaps the most surprising thing about DaVinci Resolve 14, however, is that its standard version is free. The upgraded studio version is also extremely cost effective, at around $299.


Academy Class Courses

At Academy Class, we’re proud to be an official training partner of Blackmagic Design and DaVinci Resolve. If you’ve taken a course with us before, you’ll know how informative and inspirational our courses are. Our DaVinci Resolve courses are no different.

For our first two courses, we’re concentrating on the color grading aspect of DaVinci Resolve. It’s what made DaVinci Resolve famous, after all. Our Color Grading course will show you the theory behind color grading, and how to use DaVinci Resolve to get the results you want. Our Creative Looks course will take you a step further, showing you how different methods of color grading help achieve different creative concepts.  As with all our courses, you’re free to retake the class any time within 18 months of commencing. We also offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t absolutely love your course.


How will it help you?

If you work, or are looking to work in the field of video production, these are ideal courses for you. If you’re looking to specialise in the color grading area, they will help you achieve the necessary mastery. With Academy Class, it’s not all lectures and theory, you’ll gain hands-on experience in DaVinci Resolve, and all it can do.

Starting a new training partnership is always an exciting time for us, as it gives us more opportunities to help our students gain the knowledge to achieve their goals. To be able to help students master something as cutting-edge as DaVinci Resolve is truly a privilege. At Academy Class, our mission is to provide unique learning experiences to the highest standard. Enrol for our DaVinci Resolve courses today, and be inspired to achieve.