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Looking Like a Genius with Photoshop: Brush Settings

So I’m like all “oh that Brush is too big for this” or “too hard for that” when I’m using a tool that utilises the brush settings in Photoshop. You know the ones Brush, Quick Selection, Clone Stamp et al.

There is nothing worse (exaggeration warning!) than having to stop using the tool, roll up to the brush options in the Control Panel and playing Brush size Lotto trying to guess the appropriate size of the brush for the bit your doing.


The Brush Settings Lotto

Try using keystrokes!

To make your brush grow smaller press the [ (square bracket left) key. The brush will take incremental jumps down in size. You can also use the ] (square bracket right) key to make the brush grow…..Great!

What about the hardness/softness then?

Well err umm, that also has a keystroke…but it’s a little bit dodgy in my opinion. So here is how we (ahem) real genii look so good. When you want to change your brush size and hardness settings, simply hold down the CTL (control) and ALT (option) keys together and click-drag your cursor to the Left or Right to change the Brush size on screen. You will see a red circle highlighting the size. Use the same keys together and click-drag the cursor up and down the screen to adjust the hardness of the brush. Again the red circle will guide you. Brilliant eh?

Now keep this one quiet of everyone will think they’re as good as you.

Brush Tool on screen editing
Looking like a genius

Let me know if you find this way of working easier in your workflow.