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Slide and Master Slides

Master slides allow you to apply a consistent design across multiple slides in a project. They allow you to define and position background content, such as a logo and text. A project can use multiple master slides to control the appearance of multiple slides making the project look consistent and professional. Multiple master slides can be saved as a Theme so they can be used on other projects too.

In this post we are going to look at how we can setup a Content Master slide and apply it to multiple Content Slides in Captivate 8

Creating the project

With Captivate 8 open, create a new project by going to File > New Project > Blank Project and choose a size for your project and click OK.

To remove all the text and graphics off the Content Slide,  go to the Themes menu and clicked on the Blank theme (see above).

If there is still some text or graphics remaining on your slide like above, go to the Properties panel and click on the triangle for the Master Slide drop-down menu and choose Blank (see below). 

In the Filmstrip you will see 1 slide, which is a Content Slide. To add a few more Content Slides, click on the Slides button in the menu choose Content Slide.

Repeat till you have all the slides you need, I have 3 content slides.

Master Slide panel

Make sure you can see your Master Slide panel, it’s usually next to the Filmstrip. If it’s not there go to Window > Master Slide. Click on the Master Slide panel tab a box that says “Master Slide View” should appear on the screen for a few seconds.

There are many different master slides in the Master Slide panel:

  • Main Master slide – at the very top of the panel. Anything that is added to this master is also shown on all the other masters. So it’s great a great place for a company logo
  • Content Master slides  – such as the blank master, can be applied to content slides in your project to show text, images and more
  • Quiz Masters  slides – such as Matching, Hot Spot etc, these masters are used to control the appearance and layout of the quiz slides

Main Master slide

Click on the Main Master slide, see below.

As mentioned, anything we put on this slide will appear on all the other masters. We will add a logo on to this master. so click on the Media button (see above) and choose Image. I have selected a logo from my computer and positioned it at the top of the Main Master slide. If you take a peak in the Master Slide panel, you can see that the logo image is now showing on all the masters.

If you don’t want that to happen to a master, click on the master in the Properties panel and deselect Show Main Master Slide Items.

Content Master Slide

To create a new Content Master Slide, go to Insert > Content Master Slide. Give it a name at the top of the Properties panel – I’ve called mine Title Master. On this master we will be adding some text for the title of the slide. Text added to the master can be editable or not when the master is applied to a content slide

  • Text Caption – text added using a Text Caption is editable on the Master Slide but not on the Content Slide. That is great for text that doesn’t need to change on individual slides, such as an address or company name.
  • Placeholder – text added using a placeholder is editable on a Content Slide, making it great for titles and subtitles that will change on different slides.

Ensure your master is selected in the Master Slide panel.

To add a placeholder, right-click on the Content Master Slide and choose Placeholder Objects > Title. Drag out the placeholder and position it where you would like the title to appear on your slides.

Even though the text says “Double click to add title”, that will only work on a content slide – you’ll see that soon! Placeholders objects are for things such as text and images you want to change or add to the content slides.

Using the Content Master Slide

Click on the Filmstrip panel tab, a box that says “Filmstrip View” should appear on the screen for a few seconds.

To apply the Title Master we have just created, ensure 1 or more slides are select in the Filmstrip and in the Properties panel click on the triangle for the Master Slide drop-down menu and choose Title Master.


Double-clicking on the text “Double click to add title” now works for all the content slides that you have applied the Title Master too. So a very convenient way of ensure all the slide titles are in the same place. If the title placeholder is moved on the Title Master, then the titles will move on the Content Slides as well – great!

Placeholders are just one of many ways of building projects quickly and efficiently. If you want to become a Captivate master then consider joining us on a captivate training course in Manchester, Glasgow and London.